The Vanishing Act performed in my Airbnb Rental!

Some time ago one of my properties was robbed by a seemingly great, happy, cute, smiley faces guest coming from booking.com. This brute was automatically prepaid and had provided their ID VIA email, which is the system we had in place.

The next morning, SMACK in the face! The guest(s) cleaned us out — everything from cutlery to sheets, pots and pans, art work (wtf, who steals an Ikea painting?!?). Surprisingly they left the TV hanging. Probably couldn’t figure out how to remove it!!

I later found out, that other hosts had similar stories in our building. This particular group of fraudsters had brrn changing the name on their IDs to match the name on the credit card they had provided. Prior to their stay they went to pick up keys, showed the ID and since the face matched their mug, keys were provided by security.

Cops don’t care, so its up to us, Hosts, to solve this problem. Let’s use ScreenBNB, to put an end to short term rental fraud. This particular guest would have been flagged from prior IDs (same face different names) , or by the AI detection algorithm and instantly notified as fraud

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